Inspiration and dreams can be interesting things.

Some photographers take photographs, some photographers create them.

Back in 2009, on the 22nd of October I took the image below. It was a turning point for me, I had decided that I was the type of person who wants to create rather than just capture.
On the 19th of November two very special things happened. Firstly it was Tristan Pipers first Birthday and I got to bring a dream home that I made the moment I took the image below.

I got to sit down with Jaret, Eric , Chris and Gary and photograph them for my portrait project.

Still today, the work and effort these fine gentlemen put in,  is in a massive source of inspiration to me. Ever since I first heard “Girl all the bad guys want” I was hooked and today I still am !

The message I have learn’t from these wonderful people is to just do what you do,
keep the faith and work hard.

Thank you for all the years of inspiration.


Gary Wiseman

Erik Chandler

Chris Burney


Photographs taken Farewell Tour in Birmingham UK.

Do check out the music. !!


Since I was at the gig,  I got a few shots of the gig also :)


A little BTS shot thanks to Kate James :)

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  • Greatgreengoblin

    amazing article! The portraits look really crisp. How did you get the background so equally grey?
    Do you think this is also possible using umbrella’s or brolleys or any other diy device?

  • LatinImage

    Great article about one light portraits. Clearly explained and illustrated. There is no misleading info. Awesome shots too. The simple the better is the main core in your guidelines and work…. And besides that, you got me all hooked up the Bowling For The Soup’s line “She wears a 2-way…” and I am applying that to my photography too. Thank you. 8|